Co:Writer Universal Main Dictionary Descriptions:

1k Core:  
Approximately 1,000 words. Limited to basic, high-frequency "function" words, including key descriptors (big, new) and action words (want, make). Includes only a small number of "content" words (such as boy, friend, hand). Useful for writers who need to start with a limited number of highly familiar words.

3k Basic:
Approximately 3,000 words. More function words than the 1,000-word dictionary plus an expanded range of content words. When used with a Topic Dictionary, the limited size of this dictionary provides few off-topic words, thereby supporting "focused" writing for beginning writers.

6k Beginning:
Approximately 6,000 words. All of the words of the 3,000-word dictionary plus an expanded range of content words emphasizing animals, food, recreation, clothing, furniture, etc. A useful and creative starter dictionary, especially when used with appropriate Topic Dictionaries.

12k Intermediate:
Approximately 12,000 words. For writers who need a generally wider vocabulary than the 6k provides. Includes words appropriate for more detailed and thoughtful writing across a wider range of school subjects, including geography, history, science.

40k Advanced:
Approximately 40,000 words. For writers who need support for a wider range of words than the 12k provides. Includes highly detailed and precisely descriptive words. Recommended for research papers, advanced schoolwork, or detailed creative writing.

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