Test Mode in Co:Writer Universal currently turns off predict ahead and locks the users settings. (The settings are the same for PARCC and Smarter Balanced) ***

Steps to turn on Test Mode in Co:Writer Universal:

1. Log into: cowriter.com

2. Select Manage Students.

3. Locate the student on the list you would like to put into Test Mode.

4.  Click settings next to that students name.

5. Tap on the slider to the right of Test Mode (When the Slider is blue it is turned on.)

6. Click on PARCC or Smarter Balanced.

7. Click on OK

8. When testing is complete go back to the students settings and Click on the slider to turn off Test Mode. 

***Test Mode locks the students options/settings.  If you require other options/settings adjusted you will need to set those options/settings prior to turning on Test Mode. 

(Grammar has to be turned off through the Co:Writer Universal Desktop Application.)


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