Under the guidelines for Special test accommodations student's can use Word prediction software but it must be limited to prediction of single words. We have created a Single Words 12k  dictionary for student use during testing that can be set up in a few quick steps.  

You will need to set the students preferences using the cowriter extension or cowriter package app prior to starting the test. 

Log the student or user account into Co:Writer Universal extension. 

  1. Right click on the extension icon on the menu bar and go to options. 
  2. In the Search Topic Name box, type Single Words 12K or just single should display the topic.
  3. Click on the topic dictionary and it will become active.
  4. Turn off any other active topics and change the main dictionary to “no main dictionary”. 

Teachers can then lock the preference settings by turning on test mode for that user account at the cowriter.com dashboard under manage students.

What if we want to use Desktop version? see steps for desktop setup

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