For the Snap&Read Extension to read a PDF Doc Complete the following steps: 

1- Giving Snap&Read access to your files: In order to allow the Snap&Read Extension to read PDF or HTML files saved on your computer, or in your Google Drive, an option must be checked in the Managing Google Extensions.

  • Launch the Google Chrome Browser
  • Click the 'Customize and Control Google Chrome' button
  • Select more Tools > Extensions
  • Scroll to the Snap&Read Universal Extension
  • Check the box for 'Allow access to file URLs"

2- Using Snap&Read Extension to read a PDF Doc

  • Open the PDF doc you are wanting to read; this will open in the Chrome viewer mode
  • Download the PDF doc and open the download
  • Now, by simply dragging a saved PDF or HTML file into the Chrome browser, the Snap&Read Extension will be able to read them aloud to you.
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