Copy the Single Words 12k topic dictionary to one of the following locations:

Windows PC

C:\Program Files (x86)\CoWriter Universal\CoWriter\Locales\US\Topics


Applications:CoWriter Universal:CoWriter:Locales:US:Topics

User settings:

  1. Log in to Co: Writer Desktop using the student’s username and password.
  2. Flip the window using the arrow > go to the Topics tab. 
  3. In the Topics tab > click on the more topics button > scroll the right pane Topics Dictionary list.
  4. Uncheck (turn Off) any current active topics and check (turn On) Single Words 12K.
  5. Click OK to save /close 
  6. Click on the Vocabulary tab > More Vocabulary button > Select (no main dictionary) > click OK.
  7. Click on the Settings tab > More Settings > uncheck any additional prediction requirements.

Link to  Single Word 12K Dictionary:
(The file attachment can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the article)

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