To put a student into test mode, sign into as an educator or administrator, go to Manage Students, select one or more students, click the Lock icon, then select the test the students will be taking from the dropdown and click Turn On.

Placing Co:Writer's Chrome App into Test mode for "ILEARN, IREAD, I AM: Non-Standard Accommodation" loads a student's individualized settings with all the tools available that they use on a regular basis (except for disabling the spelling underline support, which is not allowed).

 For  more information, see the Non-Standard Assessment Accommodation Request guidelines on page 34 of...

Per Page 34:
Non-Standard Assessment Accommodation Request A non-standard assessment is one that is not listed in this document and is used on a regular basis by the student and must be approved by the Indiana Department of Education. A Non-Standard accommodation can be requested for: 

  • Students with an IEP, Section 504 Plan, ILP, or Service Plan. The accommodation must be part of the student’s IEP, Section 504 Plan, ILP, or Service Plan 

The accommodation: 

  • must not invalidate the construct of the assessment; 
  • must align with instructional practices;
  • and must be individualized for the student who needs the accommodation. Requests must be made by the Corporation Test Coordinator
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