Placing Co:Writer's Chrome App into Test mode for STAAR for Spelling Assistance disables all the features that are NOT allowed for a Spelling Assistance accommodation as explained in the 2018-2019 Technology Use Guidelines PPT_FINAL_101818.pdf (Page 34).

Features disabled from Co:Writer when in the Test Mode for STAAR are...

  1. Any feature that will edit or aid a student’s response in areas other than spelling, such as automatic capitalization and punctuation, or grammar check;  (Co:Writer will work exactly how iOS works with the appropriate settings per TEA's guidelines on page 35 in 2018-2019 Technology Use Guidelines PPT_FINAL_101818.pdf).  
  2. Any feature that will save a typed response. (No writings are ever sent or communicated to a server or allowed to be shared anywhere outside of the local app/client computer. Co:Writer permanently and irretrievably deletes all student writing from the app/client computer when a student signs out).
  3. Internet capabilities. (Co:Writer's Chrome App does not have online access outside the application's functions and is Kiosk compatible).
  4. Translation services. (if turned on, Co:Writer's translate feature works as an allowable "Bilingual dictionary" - word-to-word translations; no definitions or examples... per page 9 of 2018-2019 Technology Use Guidelines PPT_FINAL_101818.pdf).  
  5. Any feature that will allow the ability to access other programs/features not allowed on the device. (Co:Writer does not access any other features outside the App).
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