To be able to type numbers using Co:Writer in the PARCC TestNav site, you will need to disable 'show numbers' in the Co:Writer settings prior to entering the test site.

For the Co:Writer Extension

  • Make sure the extension is active
  • Click on the arrow next to the numbers (this will turn off the numbers )
  • After testing to turn the numbers back on,   Click on the arrow again
  • Toggling the arrow will allow you to turn the numbers on and off

For the Desktop Version

  • Log in as student
  • Click the arrow on the bottom right of the Co:Writer prediction box (this will flip the window to the Co:Writer settings
  • Select the settings tab
  • Select the more settings option on the bottom left
  • Uncheck the 'Show Numbers' box (this will turn off the numbers)
  • Click OK and Click on arrow to flip the Co:Writer prediction box 
  • After testing, to turn the numbers back on, repeat the above steps and recheck the 'show numbers' box
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