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Universal extension requirements
Universal extension requirements

Minimum requirements needed to get started using the Universal Extensions in the Chrome Browser right away including Whitelist items.

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Up-to-date Chrome Browser and Extensions

Universal Domain License and using OpenID*

Google OpenID
Allow third-party apps access to Directory data

Microsoft  OpenID
 Enable API access in the security panel to allow authentication using Microsoft. 

Whitelist/Proxy / Firewall filters

Tip! use wildcard * for all Don Johnston URL's

Tip! use wildcard * for Snap&Read services


Snap & Read

PDF Rendering (view) during connection.


Co:Writer topics:

Word Bank

*If you do not use Google, Microsoft, or Office 365 accounts, for security purposes, your users will need to confirm their identity through an email when they set up their account.

Staff and student needing to confirm their identity must be able to receive emails from one or more of the following email accounts.


Educatordashboard for Staff

Snap and Read for Staff & Students

Co:Writer for Staff & Students

Wordbank for Staff & Students

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