I am an Administrator with access to two or more products but they are under different email addresses or usernames. How can I combine the accounts and use one email address/ login to manage all my licenses?

You will need to send an email invite to the email address that you want to use for login and then promote the new login to Administrator level.

1. Login to educatordashboard.com using the login credentials that you no longer want to use.
2. Go to Manage Educators > Give to Educators.
3. Enter the email address that would like to use moving forward and press Invite.
4. Log out and go to your email and accept the invite to setup your new email account.
6. Logout of your new email account and log back into the previous account to change your new email address/ user account to administrative permission level. 

Change permission levels from Educator to Administrator

1. Go to Manage Educators> Manage.
2. Click on Products and Permissions for the user that you want to change.
3. Turn on Administrator and turn off Educator.

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