Steps to use the Snap&Read Universal translate tool:
(An internet connection is required to use the translate tool)

First you must set the Translate language.


1. Left click on the Snap and Read icon in the upper right hand corner of your Chrome browser.

2. Select options.

3. To the right of "Translate into" toggle the switch on.

4. Click on Translate into.

5. Select a Language 

6. Click on Translate voice.

7. Select a voice from the list.*

 *(If it says, "No (Name of voice you just selected)  Voice Installed" Google/(Online) does not have a voice available for that language.)

How  to Translate text with the Snap&Read Universal Extension:


1. Have the document you want translated active in a Chrome Browser tab.

2. Click on the translate tool on the Snap&Read tool bar.

3. Highlight the text you would like translated.

4. Click on the translate tool again to turn of translation. 

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