A new version of Snap&Read iOS has been released for iPads and iPhones running iOS 12.4.8 or and higher.

Whats new: 

  • Improved OCR tool.

  • Translate.   

  • PDF annotator that can read and annotate PDFs.  

  • You can read and annotate images in the PDF annotator.

  • Safari extension that will read, text level, and translate right on a website in Safari.

  • You can export PDFs from your browser and images from your Photos app right into Snap and Read PDF annotator.

  • We integrate with iCloud, Drive, and OneDrive 

  • You can print, share, and save your PDFs  (and saving is automatic)*

  • You can create and add to PDFs (like if you take multiple photos of a book and want to combine them). 

  • Lots more... you'll need to explore.

*Don Johnston does not store any of your PDF's/images from the Snap&Read PDF annotator on it's servers.  The PDF's are stored by default locally on the device in the Snap&Read folder. 

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