Autosave is turned on Automatically when you open a PDF from Google Drive or One Drive.*

Steps to turn off/on Autosave:

Open a PDF from Google Drive or One Drive in Snap&Read.**

Click on the Disk icon in the upper right hand corner.

Click on the Toggle switch to the right of Autosave to toggle the setting on/off.***

When you toggle Autosave off it is only turned off for the instance of the PDF you have open. If you close the PDF and Reopen it Autosave will toggle back on.

*Autosave is not an option for PDF's you open that are stored on the device.

**Autosave can only save to the Drive you opened the PDF from.

***If Autosave is toggled off you have to manually save any changes you make to the PDF. If you close the PDF without saving the annotations you made will not be saved.

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