Add text tool: (Box with a T in it)

A text box is place in the PDF for you to type in.

You can adjust the text:

Color, Fill Color, Opacity, Font, Font Size, Alignment and Delete.

Highlight text tool: (Box with an A in it and a line on the right side)

The highlight tool can be used to Highlight text when you annotate the PDF.

You can adjust the the Highlighter:

Color , Opacity and Blend Mode.

Painting tool:(Paintbrush icon)

The painting tool has 3 options a Paintbrush, Highlighter and Eraser.

You can use the paintbrush to draw on the PDF.

On the Paintbrush you can adjust:

Color, Fill Color, Opacity, Thickness and Blend Mode.

The Highlight can be used to highlight text.

On the Highlighter you can adjust:

Color, Fill Color, Opacity, Thickness and Blend Mode.

The Eraser can be used to erase what you have painted/drawn with the paintbrush or highlight tool.

On the Eraser you can adjust it's Thickness.

Stamp and Sign tool:(Stamp icon)

You can add an existing stamp to the PDF.


Create a Custom Stamp.

Select Stamp.

Select custom stamp.

Enter in text in the Stamp text field.

Click in the Date/Time box to toggle them on or off.

Select your color.

Click on Create Stamp.

Signature option:

Click on Stamp

Select Signature

Select your color.

Sign your signature in the box with the mouse/touch pad/or sign with your finger on a touchscreen.

Check or uncheck store signature.

Click on done.

Line tool: (Diagonal line with points on the end)

Can be used to draw line and shapes on the PDF.

The types of lines and shapes you can use are:

Line, Polyline, Oval, Rectangles, and Polygon.

You can adjust the line/shapes:

Color, Fill Color, Opacity, Thickness, and Line Style.

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