Zoom (or other extensions/apps that zoom the browser): The proper Cursor location is not always reported to Co:Writer when the Zoom extensions/apps are enabled.  Without the proper Cursor location being reported Co:Writer prediction may not be accurate.  We recommend disabling any Zoom extension/app you may have installed. 

Read&Write:  May conflict with the Snap&Read Universal Tool Bar.  You may need to disable the Read&Write extension to use the Snap&Read Universal tool bar. 

SpeakIt: Can set the text to speech voice and not let you change the voice in Snap&Read.  You may have to disable SpeakIt, so you can set your voice in Snap&Read. 

Select and Speak:  Can cause the Snap&Read  speak tool to not read when you have SpeakIt! or iSpeak selected as the voice in Snap&Read.  You may need to disable Select and Speak and make sure you have a voice supported by your device selected in the Snap&Read options. 

Kami Extension: Two extensions cannot work together you will need to use the Kami app.

Bookshare Extension: Blocks the Snap and Read tool Bar, to use Snap&Read  you will need to disable the Bookshare Extension.  The Bookshare Web Reader Display Format needs to be set to Scrolling as well.


1. On the Bookshare Web Reader menu click on the settings button (COG).

2. Under DISPLAY FORMAT select Scrolling.

3. Select Save.

4. Refresh the Web Page.

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