Once you have the photo/image in Snap&Read you will need to use the OCR tool to read the text.


1. Tap on the OCR tool. (Dotted box with a Plus in the lower right hand corner)

2. Now tap on the screen to the left of the text you want OCR'd.

3. Now drag your finger down and to the right to select the text.
    (You will see a box drawn around the text.)

4. Lift your finger off the screen.

5. Snap and Read will now OCR the selected text.*

6. Once the text is OCR'd the box around the text will turn red and Snap&Read will read the text. 

7. Tap on the OCR button on the tool bar to deselect the text when Snap&Read is done reading.

* OCR times may vary depending on your devices hardware and the amount of text  being OCR'd.

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