You can use the Speaker tool  in the Snap and Read Universal iOS app by selecting the text you want read or by taping in the article.

Steps to select the text you want read:

1. Tap and hold the spot on the page you want Snap&Read to start reading from.

2. When the text becomes highlighted, lift your finger off the device.

3.Now drag the right of the highlight over the rest of the text you want spoken by Snap&Read.

4.  Tap on the Speaker icon on the Snap&Read toolbar. 

Steps to use Snap&Read by taping in the article:

1. Tap on the Speaker icon on the Snap&Read tool bar.*

2. Tap in the article to have Snap&Read start reading.

3. To stop the text to speech, tap on the Speaker icon in the Snap&Read Universal tool bar.*

*When the speaker icon is white it is not active, when the speaker icon is blue it is active.

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