Steps to adjust Settings:

1. Tap on the Settings icon to open the settings menu. (Cog on the Snap&Read tool Bar)


 -To adjust Word Highlight Color click on the Color Bar to the right and select your highlight color.


-Tap on the carrot to the right of the selected voice to get the voice drop down menu.

-Tap on AutoSpeak to toggle AutoSpeak on and off. *

-You can adjust the Volume, Speed, and Tone of the selected voice by using the three slider bars.

Text Complexity:

-Adjust the slider bar to change the complexity of the Text Leveling.

*(When AutoSpeak is Turned off Snap&Read will not automatically read OCR'd text, you will have to use the speaker tool to read the text)

2. To close the Settings menu tap on Close. (Upper right hand corner of menu)

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