Steps to remove a page/tab of Educators:*

1. Log into:

2. Select Manage educators.

3. Select the page/tab of Educators you would like to remove.

4. On the line above the Educator names click in the box to the left of Select all.**

5. Click on the trashcan that appears.

6. You will see a toast message at the bottom of the page:
"Pending Educator removal" CANCEL***

(Click on CANCEL if you want to cancel the removal)

(Selected Educators will stay greyed out until the removal is done and you refresh the page)

*Mass removal of Educators is only supported on Organizational licenses.

**If you do not see a check box to the right of the Educators name that means that account is an Admin account. Admin accounts cannot be mass removed/deleted.

***Once the CANCEL message goes away the removed Educators cannot be restored.

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