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Schoology LTI App Setup
Schoology LTI App Setup

This is how to set up Co:Writer, Snap&Read, uPAR, and Word Bank in Schoology

Written by Kevin Johnston
Updated over a week ago

App Developer

  1. Log into Schoology as an Admin

  2. Go to Schoology's "App Center"

  3. If you haven't already, click "Become an App Developer"

Creating your App

  1. From the App Center you will now be able to click on "My Developer Apps"

  2. Next click on "Add App"

The App setup should look like this...

Configuring LTI App

App Name: Co:Writer, Snap&Read, uPAR, or Word Bank (Pick the one you want to set up)

Description: Short description - whatever you want (I'd just put the same as the App Name)

Category: "Techology"

Level: None

Recommended for: X Instructors X Students (Maybe Admins - up to you)

Available for: "Only People in my School"

App Logo: (You can right-click and save the icons to include)




Word Bank


Type of App: LTI 1.1 App

Uncheck: Launch App in Schoology (Important that this in unchecked)

Can be Installed For: X Users, X App Center Drop Down Menu

Configuration Type: Manual

Privacy: Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool

X Require System Administrators to configure settings for this App

X This application meets the Schoology Terms of Use

Click Save Changes

Install Developer App

  1. On the "My Developer Apps" page ( click "Install LTI 1.1 App" next to the App you set up.

  2. Agree to the Terms

  3. Add to Organization

Configure Organization App

  1. After installing the developer app, you will see the "Organization Apps" page (

  2. Next to the App click "Configure" and you'll see the configuration page

3. In another tab or browser page (leave the Schoology Config page up) Go to the product page:,,, or

4. Log in as an Administrator

5. Click on your name in the top-right corner

6. Click "Schoology Config (note: may be LTI Config)

7. Click "Create"

8. Click the "Copy" icon next to the "Customer Key", paste it into Schoology's config. Click the "Copy icon next to "Shared Secret" and paste that into Schoology's config.

9. In Schoology, click Save Settings.

Install/Remove App

  1. Back at the"Organization Apps" page in Schoology, you'll now need to click the "Install/Remove" button next to the App.

2. Choose your users you want to have access to the LTI App and click "Submit"

Your App is now installed :-)

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