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Canvas LTI App Setup
Canvas LTI App Setup

This is how to set up Co:Writer, Snap&Read, uPAR, and Word Bank in Canvas

Written by Kevin Johnston
Updated over a week ago

Steps for setting up LTI App in Canvas

  1. Ensure you are an Administer in both Canvas and the Don Johnston Inc App you are setting up (Co:Writer, Snap&Read, uPAR, and/or Word Bank).

  2. In Canvas go to Admin/Settings/Apps

3. Click on "View App Configurations

4. Click "+ App"

5. Click the Configuration Type and choose "By URL"

6. Use the Following to set up the App

  • Name: Co:Writer, Snap&Read, uPAR, or Word Bank

  • Consumer Key/Shared Secret

    • After logging in as an Administrator, in the upper right corner click on your name and choose "LTI Config"

    • Choose "Canvas"

    • Click "Create"

    • Use the Copy icon to the right of the key/secret to Copy/Paste into Canvas.

The Config URL for each app is the following (you can copy/paste into the Config URL field.

The "Add App" dialog should look something like this...

Click "Submit"


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