Using Snap&Read Universal with Bookshare.

First check and make sure the Bookshare Web Reader Display Format is set to Scrolling.


1. On the Bookshare Web Reader menu click on the settings button (COG).

2. Under DISPLAY FORMAT select Scrolling.

3. Select Save.

4. Refresh the WebPage.

If the Snap&Read tool bar still does not appear check to see if you have the Bookshare Web Reader Extension installed and active/enabled.

When the Bookshare Web Reader Extension is active the Snap&read Universal extension tool bar does not have access to the Bookshare Read Now page.  To use the Snap&Read Universal tool bar you will need to disable the Bookshare Web Reader Extension first.

Steps to disable the Bookshare Web Reader Extension.

1. Click on the Customize and control Google Chrome button in the Chrome browser.

   (3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the Browser)

2. Hover over More Tools.

3. Select Extensions. 

4. Locate the Bookshare Web Reader extension on the list.

5. Uncheck the Enable button to the right of the extension.

6. Open a new tab.

7. If you are not logged into Snap&Read Universal log in now.

8.  Login to Bookshare.

9.  Select a book. 

10. Select Read Now.

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