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Quizbot options/functions and Google Forms options/functions.
Quizbot options/functions and Google Forms options/functions.

Options that are part of Quizbot and options that are part of Google Forms.

Written by Jason Lewandowski
Updated over a week ago

Quizbot is the tool that creates the quiz.  Google Forms is used to store, edit, send, and score the quiz. 

List of options/functions used by Quizbot:

Set number of questions.  
Select quiz types.
Create Quizzes.
Create folders in the Quizbot Folders.
Move Quizzes to and from folders.
Add and Remove folders/quizzes from the Quizbot Folder in Google Forms.  

List of Options/Functions of Google Forms:

Edit Quiz questions add/remove, background color, insert image, insert video, add section and add title and description, etc.

Set Quiz taking settings, who can take the quiz, show progress bar, shuffle question order, etc. 

Preview, send and score the Quiz.

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