Microsoft Office 365 - Azure Districts

Download the Universal chrome extensions / app from the Chrome Web Store

Follow one of the three options below depending on district setup

Basic Office 365 using Microsoft OpenID Login 

Step 1 - Login to Microsoft Admin panel > Go to Security Center 

Step 2 - Enable API access in the Office 365 security panel to allow authentication to third party apps

Office 365 Advanced Security Management

Step 1 - Go to Security & Compliance section

Step 2 - Go to Threat Management -> App permissions -> Go to Advanced Security Management

Step 3 - Approve the extension/app for (Sign user in, Sign-in and read user profile, View your email address, 

***This is so users’ login will succeed and the users will not see the consent screen. 

Azure Cloud Management

Step 1 - Go to Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applications -> All Applications

Step 2 - Add the extension/app and Select Enabled for users to sign-in. 

See Microsoft Support for more information on Manage app permissions 

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