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Manage app permissions in the Microsoft Cloud Portal Admin Panel
Manage app permissions in the Microsoft Cloud Portal Admin Panel

Steps to help get you started adding extensions and managing permissions for Office 365 or Azure Active Directory cloud portal accounts.

Written by Jason Lewandowski
Updated over a week ago

Microsoft Office 365 - Azure Districts

Download the Universal chrome extensions / app from the Chrome Web Store

Follow one of the three options below depending on district setup

Basic Office 365 using Microsoft OpenID Login 

Step 1 - Login to Microsoft Admin panel > Go to Security Center 

Step 2 - Enable API access in the Office 365 security panel to allow authentication to third party apps

Office 365 Advanced Security Management

Step 1 - Go to Security & Compliance section

Step 2 - Go to Threat Management -> App permissions -> Go to Advanced Security Management

Step 3 - Approve the extension/app for (Sign user in, Sign-in and read user profile, View your email address, 

***This is so users’ login will succeed and the users will not see the consent screen. 

Azure Cloud Management

Step 1 - Go to Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applications -> All Applications

Step 2 - Add the extension/app and Select Enabled for users to sign-in. 

See Microsoft Support for more information on Manage app permissions 

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