Steps to activate / turn on an existing topic Dictionary:

1. Open an existing Doc or create a new one in the Co:Writer Universal iOS app.

2. Tap on the Dictionary icon (It looks like a book) in the top center of the page. 

3. On the Top of the page you will see six topic dictionaries listed.

4. If your Dictionary is on the list.  Tap the Toggle to the right of the dictionary to turn it back on (It will be green behind the Toggle) . (You can turn off a Topic dictionary by taping on the the toggle .(It will be white behind the toggle when turned off)

5. Tap on the X to close the tab.

If your Dictionary is not on the list:

1. Type it into the search field above the listed Topics.

2. Your dictionary will appear on the list on the left side.

3. Select the Dictionary from the list. 

4. Click on the X to close the tab.

(Note: You can only have six active Topic Dictionaries at a time.)

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