When Co:Writer Universal is installed on the device the Prediction Language is set to US by default. On the Co:Writer Universal options page if any account using the device changes the Prediction Language, when the device is restarted then Co:Writer Universal on that device is set to that language. When you log into Co:Writer on a device that has the Prediction Language set to one that is different then your Co:Writer setting, you get the Language Changed message.     

Steps to change Predication Language back to US:

1. Have the user who needs to change their Predication language login to the Co:Writer Extension. 

2.  Left click on Co:Writer icon on the Chrome Tool Bar. 

3. Click on prediction Language

4.  Click on English (United States)

5.  Wait for the Language and Extension to reload.

Once Co:Writer has reloaded refresh the web tab you are using Co:Writer on and continue typing.  

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