Check your Chrome settings to make sure your microphone is selected. You can check your Chrome settings by following the steps below:

1. Go into your Chrome settings (top right hand part of your screen - the button with 3 black dots)
2. Go to settings.
3. On the Right Select Security and Privacy.
4. Click on site settings.
5. Scroll down and Click on Microphone.
6. Check and make sure you have the correct Microphone selected.
7. Toggle on, "Sites can ask ask to use your microphone."
8. If you see Co:Writer under Block Click on the Trash can to the right of it.
9. Go back to Co:Writer.
10. On the Co:Writer guess window click on the microphone.

11. Click on the Blue Microphone in the circle.
12. A message should pop up asking you to allow Co:Writer to use your microphone.
13. Click on Allow.

14. Click on the Microphone button on the Co:Writer guess window again.

15. Click on the Blue Microphone in the circle.

If you do not have access to your Chrome settings contact your IT team to allow the Co:Writer Universal Extension to have access to your microphone.

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