After you update/install CO:Writer Universal iOS on your device, you have to add the keyboard to your keyboard list and give it access.

Important notes:

  • There is no momentary dictionary when using the Co:Writer Universal iOS keyboard.

Steps to Adding the Co:Writer iOS keyboard to the third party list:

  1.  On Your iOS device navigate to settings>>general>>keyboard

  2. Tap on Keyboards.

  3. Tap on Add New Keyboard.

  4. Under third party keyboards tap on Co:Writer Universal.

  5. On the keyboard list tap the arrow to the right of the Co:Writer Keyboard.

  6. Make sure Allow Full Access is turned on. (Slider should be green)

  7. Tap on the home button.

  8. The Co:Writer Universal iOS keyboard is now ready to be used.

(When you log into the keyboard you log in through the Co:Writer Universal  iOS app. Once logged in double tap the home button and click back into the app you are using the keyboard in.)

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