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My Co:Writer Universal Prediction language setting has changed.
My Co:Writer Universal Prediction language setting has changed.

How to change your Co:Writer Universal language back to US.

Written by Jason Lewandowski
Updated over a week ago

When Co:Writer Universal is installed on the device the Prediction Language is set to US by default. On the Co:Writer Universal options page if any account using the device changes the Prediction Language, when the device is restarted then Co:Writer Universal on that device is set to that language. When you log into Co:Writer on a device that has the Prediction Language set to one that is different then your Co:Writer setting, you get the Language Changed message.     

Steps to change Predication Language back to US:

1. Have the user who needs to change their Predication language login to the Co:Writer Extension. 

2.  Left click on Co:Writer icon on the Chrome Tool Bar. 

3.  Select Options.

4.  Click on prediction Language.

5.  Click on English (United States).

6.  Wait for the Language and Extension to reload.

Once Co:Writer has reloaded refresh the web tab you are using Co:Writer on and continue typing.  

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