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No text to speech in the Co:Writer Universal Extension on PC.
No text to speech in the Co:Writer Universal Extension on PC.

The Co:Writer Universal extension is not speaking on my PC.

Written by Jason Lewandowski
Updated over a week ago

If speech to text is not working for the Co:Writer Universal Chrome extension on your PC check the following. 

1.  Right click on the Co:Writer Universal icon to the right of the URL on the Chrome Browser and then click on options

2.  Under Speak make sure you selected the Microsoft voice that is listed.
3. Verify Speak Word/Sentence are turned on.

Now see if text to speech is working in Co:Writer.

If text to speech is not working you will need to check your Operating systems native voice.


1. Navigate to :  Start>>Control Panel>>All Control Panel Items>>Speech recognition>>Text to Speech

2.  Make sure your supported system voice is selected Under voice selection.

Windows 10 David or Zira

3. Click on Preview voice (Click preview even if correct voice is selected)

(If you do not see any voices or do not get any speech contact your IT department to make sure voices were properly installed with the installation of the OS )

4. Click on Apply if not grayed out at the bottom of the tab.

5. Now go back and check for speech in Co:Writer Universal

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