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uPar assessment questions are not matching the audio
uPar assessment questions are not matching the audio

A student is reading the passage and clicks next to answer the questions but the questions are from a different story

Written by Jason Lewandowski
Updated over a week ago

During testing, a student is listening to a passage but the questions are not matching what was read. 

What's up with That? 

This issue can happen when a student is testing and internet bandwidth is slow or disconnects.
What happens is the pages with questions load very slow so the student either clicks repeatedly but it does not go anywhere or they click on the back arrow taking them out of the test.
After logging back in and clicking the next page button it is now out of sync between the audio and list of questions.

For the students that are now out of sync:

1. Go to reassess for that test name and add the student(s) that will need to restart the test. Or remove the students that do not need to be reassessed. 

2. Choosing Reassess will modify the test name by adding a number at the end or you can give it a new name if you would like.

3. Have the student(s) log into the new "reassess" assessment to finish.

*** Once the students start the new assessment they may have fewer choices if some of the quiz sections were previously completed.  

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