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How does billing work when I add more students (Personal Educator Account)
How does billing work when I add more students (Personal Educator Account)

You can add more students to Co:Writer Universal and Snap&Read Universal anytime, and your bill will be prorated automatically

Written by Kevin Johnston
Updated over a week ago

You may want to purchase a Universal product for more students. We will automatically prorate the additional charges. You will not be charged immediately for the additional students: those charges will be reflected on the next invoice. Again, the plan changes impact the next invoice, which remains on the same billing cycle (as your plan will always have the same billing frequency).

To give you a concrete example of how this works, let's say you signed up on April 1 for $10/month. Halfway through April, you decide to add on more students for another $15/month for a total of $25/month. You'll be charged $10 on April 1, the day you signed up, then $32.50 on May 1, then $25 on Jun 1. Here are the details… You have already paid $10 and used half the current billing for April. When you added the additional students, with a total cost of $25, the unused portion of the previous plan resulted in a credit of $5 (half of $10). The cost of the new plan for the rest of the billing cycle (i.e., the rest of April) will be $12.50 (half of $25). Therefore, the total prorated cost of adding additional students is $7.50 ($12.50 - $5 = $7.50). This amount is added to the next invoice of $25 for a total of $32.50. On June 1 onward, if you do not change plans, you'll be charged $25/month.

The prorated amount is calculated down to the second. This means that we will calculate the differences between the two plans based on the exact time you added/removed students and their relation to the current billing period's start and end times.

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