If you decide to remove students from your plan, the new plan will be less expensive than the existing plan. The prorated credit will be larger than the new amount due. For example, if you are switching from a plan that is $25/month down to $10/month exactly halfway through the billing cycle, you will have a net credit of $7.50 resulting from a credit of $12.50 for the unused portion of the old plan less a charge of $5 for the remaining time on the new plan. The next invoice, at the start of the next billing period, will reflect the $7.50 credit and the $10 due for a full, upcoming month on the new plan, resulting in a net charge of $2.50.

The prorated amount is calculated down to the second. This means that we will calculate the differences between the two plans based on the exact time you added/removed students and their relation to the current billing period's start and end times.

Canceling All Subscriptions

When you cancel all subscriptions, your card will not be charged again. Cancellation takes effect immediately. If your subscription was canceled part-way through the billing period, you will not be credited a refund.

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