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Educator and Student account setup
Educator and Student account setup

No email invites are sent to users inbox. All pending invites need to be accepted at the product(s) site or through the extension

Written by Jason Lewandowski
Updated over a week ago

When setting up students or educators with an email address, no email invitations will be sent.

Students (or educators) simply need to launch the extension or go to the product website and log in (or create a new account if you do not have one already). They will then see an invitation that they can accept. If you are using Google, Microsoft, or Office 365 accounts - no email will ever be sent, and all of your students/educators will be up and running. This should help if you're in a district where not all students have email and/or if you haven't gotten around to whitelisting us.

If you do not use Google, Microsoft, or Office 365 accounts, for security purposes, your users will need to confirm their identity through an email when they set up their account.

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