Steps to open the CSV report:


  1. Open a new Google sheet.

  2. Under file select import.

  3. Select upload.

  4. Click on Select a file from your computer.

  5. Navigate to the file.

  6.  Select open.

  7.  Under Separator type select custom.

  8.  In the box to the right of custom enter a ; "semicolon"

  9. Click on Import data.

Office (Desktop):

  1. Open the file in Excel.

  2. Under Data select Text to Columns.

  3. Select delimited.

  4. Select next.

  5. Select   ;  "semicolon"

  6. Select Next.

  7. Select Finish.

Numbers (Mac):

  1. Download the CSV.

  2. Click on the download.

  3. Click on the adjust settings message.

  4. To the Right of Separate Values click on the ; "semicolon"

  5. Click on Update Table.

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