Steps to Create a CSV file of students using Google Sheets :

1.  Open a new Google sheet.

2. On Line 1 type in: Email Address 

3. Enter in the students emails starting at line 2 (One email per line)


4. Click on File.

5. Hover the cursor over Download.

6. Select, " Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)"

7. Move the downloaded file to your desktop.

Steps to upload a CSV file:

1.  Navigate to the Don Johnston tools website.

For Co:Writer Universal go to:

For Snap&Read Universal go to:

For Word Bank Universal go to:

For uPAR go to:

2.  Login to your Admin/Educator account. 

3.  Select Manage Students.

4.  Select add Students.

5.  Select Import from CSV file.

6.  Select Choose File.

7.  Navigate to the CSV file you placed on the desktop.

8.  Select the file and click on open.

9. Click on Import.

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