Steps to delete/remove all students:*

1. Log into the Don Johnston Tools website.

For Co:Writer Universal go to:

For Snap&Read Universal go to:

For Word Bank go to:

2. Select Manage students.

3. Click in the box to the left of Select all.

4. On the far right click on, " Select all (number) students?"

5. Tap on the trashcan that appears on the line above the students names to the right of the select all check box.

(If you are removing more then 20 students you will be prompted if you want an email notification when the removal is complete)

6.  You will see a toast message at the bottom of the page:
"Pending student removal" CANCEL**

( Click on CANCEL to cancel the removal)

*Mass removal of students is only supported on Organizational licenses.

**Once the CANCEL message goes away the removed students cannot be restored.

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