When you are in the Snap&Read iOS PDF anotator you can change the tool settings by using a long touch on the tools icon.

Options/Settings you can change by long touching the Speaker tool:

Word Highlight Color
Volume, Speed and Pitch of the voice selected.  

Options/settings you can change when you move the slider bar for Simplify Vocabulary:

Original:  You see the orignial text, but words that can be simplified/leveled are in italics.  By clicking on the word in italics you can see it simplified .  (If you have a language selected for translate clicking on the italics a second time will translate the word)

Default:  Simplifies text and tries to keep the fluency of the reading.  ( Words in italics can be clicked on to show the original text, simplifed text, and translate if a translate language is selected.)

Maximum Words: Levels the maximum amount of words that we can simplify in the text.   (Some words are very difficult to simplify and may affect the fluency of the reading)*

*If you are having trouble following the fluency of the simplifed text when it is set to Maximum Words try the Default setting. 

Options/Settings you can change by long touching the Translate tool:

The language to translate into.

The translate voice.**

* *Voices are not available for every languge.

Options/Settings you can change by long touching the OCR tool:

OCR Entire page
OCR images on the page

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