We offer three types of organizational license purchases as well as consumer options. This article focuses on the different Organizational license and login types.
Seated organization license per user seats greater than >20.
Seated user accounts can be setup with a username and password or email address. If using a student's email address the student must be able to receive outside email to accept the invitation from their educators and finalize account setup. see whitelist email for details. 

Building organization license means that anyone "all" users in the building may use the Universal tool. Accounts can be setup with a username and password for students that do not have email. You can also set up accounts using email invites for students that use email login. Outside confirmation email must be whitelisted!

District-Wide organization license means anyone within the school district can use the universal tool. This type of license gives greater flexibility for setup as you can go with username / password, email or even domain setup.
See Domain email and Domain OpenID for details

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