Steps to create and apply a student activation code:*

1. Log into the products website as an admin/educator:

2. Select Manage students.
3. Select Add Students.
4. Select Get student activation code.
5. Copy the activation code. (Student activation codes can be used for more then one student)
6. Have your student(s) go to the products website you created the code for on their computer/device.
7. Have the student click on "Create Account".

8. Follow the prompts to create the Student Account.
9. Enter the activation code into the line that says, "activation code". (It has a key symbol on the far right)
10. Click on Create. 

The student will now have access to that product.

*(If a student already has a Universal account for another product, they can just go and log into the second product and enter in the activation code you created.)

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