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License and User login differences for Consumer subscription accounts
License and User login differences for Consumer subscription accounts

What is the difference between the License and types of logins for Personal, Parent, and Personal Educator Accounts?

Written by Jason Lewandowski
Updated over a week ago

We offer three types of consumer license purchases as well as organization licenses. This article focuses on the different Consumer license and login types.

Personal - It's for Me
This option is for individual users that use the tools and will manage their own subscription purchase.
The login type is email address only and you must have access to your email to activate using the confirmation email that you will be sent.
All billing receipts for charges will be sent to this email address.  

Parent - Set up and manage your child(ren)
This option is for a parent to create their account using an email address for login purpose and managing the subscription purchase.
In order to Protect your child(ren)'s privacy, Child accounts can only be created with username and password.  

Personal Educator Account - For individual educators
This option if for educators that have one or more students that will be using the universal tools.
The email address used to create the account will have access to setup student(s), Monitor progress, and manage the subscription purchase.
Student login can be an email address or username and password.

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