Steps to cancel your CoWriter, Snap and Read, and/or Word Bank  Personal Educator Account.

(If you have more then one product that you want to cancel you will have to repeat the steps at each products website)

1. Go to the website for the product you wish to Cancel:

For Co:Writer Universal go to:

For Snap&Read Universal go to:

For Word Bank go to:

2. Sign in to your account.

3. Click on Manage subscription.

4. Click on the red box that says, "Cancel subscription".

5. Click in the box to the left of all your students.
(You must remove all students to Cancel your subscription.***)

6. In the red box enter the number of Unused seats you would like to remove.
(All unused seats must be removed to cancel your subscription.***)

7. Click on remove.

*** Canceling All Subscriptions

When you cancel all subscriptions, your card will not be charged again. Cancellation takes effect immediately. If your subscription was canceled part-way through the billing period, you will not be credited a refund.

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