The Co:Writer Microphone tool now highlights the spoken text when it is read back to you. (Chrome Browser Only)


  1. Go to the options page for the Co:Writer extension.

  2. On the right hand side toggle on Speak after Speech to text.*

  3. Go into your Google doc or web app you are using Co:Writer in.

  4. Click on the Microphone icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Co:Writer Guess window.

  5. Click on the Microphone button.**

  6. Start to speak into the microphone.

  7. When you are done speaking tap on the Microphone button a second time to turn the Microphone off.

After the microphone is turned off the text will be highlighted while it is being read back to you.

*On Chromebooks highlighting is only supported by using an (online voice) . You can select an (online voice) by clicking on the Prediction voice setting on the options page.

**If it is the first time using the Microphone follow Chromes steps to allow Co:Writer to access the Microphone.

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