Steps to use the Co:Writer Talking Word Processor:

Click on the read button on the bottom left hand corner of the Co:Writer Guess Window. (Speaker icon)

Click in the document* location you would like Co:Writer to read from.

Click on the play button.

Co:Writer will read from the selected spot to the end of the document.

(You can then go back to the Co:Writer Guess Window by clicking on the read button)

*The Co:Writer Talking Word Processor only works in areas that the Co:Writer Guess window works in. (Examples Word online, Google Docs, Google Slides)

Buttons on the Co:Writer Talking Word Processor:

Back button:

Click on the back button once to have the last 10 words from the cursor location read back to you.

Click the back button twice to read from the beginning of the sentence.

Click the back button three times to read from the beginning of the paragraph.

Play/Pause button:

Click on the play/pause button to start/stop speech.

Speech Speed/Rate control buttons:

By clicking on the number in the box it will increase the speed by .5

By clicking on the plus or minus sign it will adjust the speech rate by .1 **

**The speech rate minimum is .5x max is 3.5x

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