uPAR 4: Student Data Talk
Written by Kevin Johnston
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While uPAR will give feedback to the student after they take the protocol, going over the results with students is critical for students to understand how they read best and what tools/strategies they can use to be successful.

This student data talk guide will help you discuss the results of uPAR with your students.

Set the stage (5 minutes)

  • Remind students that uPAR was administered to see what reading strategies work best for them.

  • Distribute the Student Data Talk form.

  • Ask the student(s) to answer question #1

Interpret Data (10 minutes)

  • Use the sample data to help understand the student's data

  • Explain their results and the grade levels they're able to read with some support and various other supports that may be available to them.

  • Ask the student to answer question #2 on the Student Data Talk form

  • Discuss how data from uPAR and their preference compare.

Demonstrate Text Reader Tools (20 minutes)

  • Show students where they can find various text reader tools at the school. Demonstrate the most basic functions of text reader tools (read, pause, stop, reading speed adjustments, and rereading strategies). Show students where they can find the accessible instructional materials that can be used with their reading accommodations.

  • Also, show students where digital materials are stored that can be used with text reader tools and where audio files that narrate text are located.

Reflect on the Use of Accommodations with Students (10 minutes)

  • Encourage students to reflect on the use of their accommodations and to discuss what they learned about their personal learning styles and what strategies might work best for them.

  • Ask students to answer questions #3, #4, and #5 on the Student Data Talk form.

Plan for Students’ Use of Accommodations (10 minutes)

  • Help individual students make a plan to use their accommodations at school and build routines for accessing their accommodations. Three to four weeks of consistently using new reading accommodations is critical.

  • Use the Using Reading Accommodations worksheet (page 16 of the Implementation Guide) to help students track their usage for three to four weeks.

  • Build choices into class routines that help students take responsibility for accessing reading accommodations.

  • Ensure that the students have access to digital text aligned with curriculum content.

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